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How To Serve A Party Wall Notice?

Party Wall

A party wall stands as a shared boundary between adjoining properties, and if you're considering any construction work near or on this wall in England and Wales, a Party Wall Notice is a crucial step. Unlike planning permission and building regulation approval, a party wall agreement involves informing your neighbor without seeking permission but considering their concerns in the process.

5 Key Steps for Serving a Party Wall Notice:

Understanding the Work:

Clearly identify the building work that requires notification to your neighbor. This includes activities such as building a new wall, altering a party wall's structure, changing its height, depth, or removing chimneys.

Notification Period and Documentation:

Adhere to specific regulations concerning when and how you inform your neighbor. Provide notice within a timeframe of 2 months to a year, accompanied by detailed plans of your proposed building work. Online templates are available for crafting effective notification letters.

Neighbor's Response:

Within 14 days of receiving the notice, your neighbor must respond. Silence does not imply agreement. They can either consent, refuse, or serve a counter-notice outlining their concerns or suggested modifications.

Resolution by Surveyor:

In cases where agreement cannot be reached, a surveyor steps in to make a party wall award, determining the terms of the building work. An appeal process is available within 14 days through the county court if necessary.

Considerate Building Practices:

Once the work commences, ensure it causes minimal inconvenience to your neighbor, and take measures to protect their property from potential damage during construction.

Final Thoughts:

Follow these five key steps meticulously, maintaining a positive relationship with your neighbor throughout the process. Provide detailed information, and if needed, seek the expertise of a surveyor to navigate the complexities of party wall agreements successfully.

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