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What it’s Possible to Build Without Planning Permission?

Planning Permission

As you delve deeper into your home project, you'll discover a realm of changes that breathe new life into your space without the cumbersome process of acquiring planning permission. The key caveat here is that homes in conservation areas or listed by Historic England may have limitations. Explore these stress-free enhancements:

Skylights Installation:

Minor loft conversions, such as adding Velux windows, fall under permitted development, eliminating the need for planning permission. Enjoy increased natural light without altering your home's character.

Single Storey Extension:

Surprisingly, a single storey extension is permissible within certain conditions. It should not be in front of the house, maintain similarity in cladding, and adhere to height restrictions. Specific guidelines apply for proximity to boundary lines and differ for detached, semi-detached, or terraced houses.

Loft Conversion:

Unleash the potential of your loft within permitted development limits—up to 40 cubic meters (50 for detached houses). Dormer loft conversions are allowed as long as they don't exceed the roof's height.

Swimming Pool Addition:

Transform your space with a luxurious swimming pool, permitted as long as it doesn't dominate the garden. Permitted development guidelines ensure a harmonious integration.

New Driveway Creation:

Adding a new driveway is acceptable unless it leads onto a classified road. Compliance with visibility and turning space regulations is crucial for those that do.

Solar Panel Installation:

Harness solar energy without planning permission headaches, as long as the panels remain within specific dimensions and don't surpass the roof's highest point.

Basement Construction:

While basements fall under permitted development, typical engineering work required may still necessitate careful consideration, adding an intriguing layer to home improvement possibilities.

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