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5 Alternative Stair Designs

stair design

Your staircase, often positioned as the centerpiece upon entering your home, holds the key to enhancing property value and overall aesthetics. Unleash its potential by exploring alternative designs and decor, creating an instant wow factor that captivates every visitor.

Top Five Stunning Stair Design:

Wooden Staircase:

A perennial favorite among homeowners, wooden staircases offer durability, uniqueness, and timeless style. Choose from a vast array of wood types to design a staircase that exudes warmth, whether embracing tradition or infusing a modern twist.

Glass Staircase:

Elevate your space with a glass staircase, utilizing architectural glass and customizable materials. Ideal for smaller properties, glass stairs create a light, open ambiance, providing the illusion of spaciousness. Thick and shatter-resistant glass ensures both safety and sophistication.

Under Stair Storage:

Transform dead space under your stairs into functional, fitted storage solutions. Maximize every inch by creating a bar, boot room, display unit, bookcase, or a clever clutter-free zone. Under stair storage is a popular choice for optimizing available space.

Suspended Floating Stairs:

Achieve an ethereal, gravity-defying aesthetic with suspended floating stairs. Infusing a sense of lightness and modernity, these stairs can redefine the atmosphere of your hallway, offering a captivating visual element.

Open Tread Staircases:

Introduce a contemporary twist with open tread staircases featuring vertical gaps between each step. Whether paired with traditional, spiral, or curved designs, open risers add a distinctive and modern flair to your property.

Dare to be Different:

Break away from the ordinary and embark on a staircase transformation. Explore alternative designs with companies specializing in bespoke staircases to discover the perfect match for your unique style and space.

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